We believe there are things in life that are more important than money. We will help ensure that financial decisions you make will be aligned with your most important goals and your most deeply held values
Our job is to orchestrate the written plan that we help every client create. We also hold everyone involved accountable, including the client, to ensure the greatest probability that the plan does what it was designed to do. It all starts at our first meeting with a simple conversation about what’s important. Having this experience in our first meeting, which takes about an hour, is a very good way to determine if we might be a good fit in working together.
We pride ourselves on being accessible. We return every e-mail and phone call within 24 hours and often within an hour or two.
The exact fee for the level of service your situation will require will be based upon conversations at our initial meeting. We have a minimum financial planning fee for Comprehensive Financial Solutions. Of course, greater complexity increases our fee. Clients can choose to pay their fee every year, or offset the minimum annual fee by placing assets under management, as an example.

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