Legal and compliance certification refers to the process of obtaining certification or accreditation for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

This certification may be required or desired for businesses and organizations that operate in highly regulated industries, or that seek to demonstrate their commitment to ethical and legal business practices.


Authorised Representative before Income tax Authorities

Any assessee who is entitled or required to attend before any income-tax authority or the Appellate Tribunal in connection with any proceeding under this Act otherwise than when required under section 131 to attend personally for examination on oath or affirmation, may subject to the other provisions of this section, attend by an authorised representative. We act as an Authorised Representatives for our clients ..

Authorised Representative before GST Department

As per section 116(2) of GST Act, We are authorised to act as an Authorised representative before GST Departments. We act as authorised representatives before GST Department on behalf of our clients.

Networth Certificate for Student Study Loan

A net worth certificate is a document that provides an estimate of an individual's or a family's net worth. This certificate is often required by financial institutions or educational institutions when an individual applies for a study loan. The purpose of the net worth certificate is to provide information about the applicant's financial situation and ability to repay the loan.To obtain a net worth certificate for a study loan, an individual must typically provide information about their assets, liabilities, and income. This information is used to calculate the individual's net worth, which is the difference between their assets and liabilities.

Networth Certificate for VISA by Foreign Embassy

Basic Purpose of net worth certificate for VISA is to evaluate the financial position and economic strength of the applicant(s). Net worth certificate from Chartered Accountant assures the wealth of the VISA applicant by which foreign embassy can make a decision to grant required VISA. We Issue Networth Certificates for Persons applying for VISA.

Certificate Regarding Sources of Income

It is a document that certifies a person’s or a family’s annual income from all sources, including salary, daily earnings, pensions, businesses, property income, rent, and remittances from foreign. We issue Networth certificates for all individuals

RERA Certifications

A RERA certificate is a legal document that acts as proof that a property, project, or property agent has been registered under state-level RERA authority or tribunal. The central act i.e. Real Estate Regulation and Development Act has mandated registration for projects and property agents to obtain a unique registration number. We do RERA Certifications.

ECB Certifications

An external commercial borrowing (ECB) is an instrument used in India to facilitate Indian companies to raise money outside the country in foreign currency. Borrowings from overseas have to be in compliance with the applicable ECB guidelines / provisions contained in the Foreign Exchange Management (Borrowing and Lending in Foreign Exchange) Regulations, 2018 issued vide Notification No. FEMA 3 (R)/2018-RB dated December 17, 2018, as amended from time to time. Borrower is primarily responsible for ensuring that the borrowing is in compliance with the applicable ECB guidelines.

Turnover Certificate

A turnover certificate is a factual statement that certifies the turnover of the entity based on the requirements. The turnover certificate in India assures the users that the turnover generated by the business entity during a specific period. A turnover certificate is issued by the Chartered Accountant. We issue turnover certificates for all entities.

Certificate for Funds Utilisation under FEMA/ Other Laws

This certificate/audit has and assurance to the sanctioning authority that the Grants, Aid, Funds are utilized for the purpose they are sanctioned & disbursed and within the stipulated period, as well as there is no misuse, delay in use, improper use, of these funds by the utilization Agency/Utility/Entity. We issue Certificates for Fund Utilisation

15CB Certificates

Form 15CB is required for payments made to Non-Resident. We do 15CB Certifications for foreign remittances.